Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poetry Corner

Hey everyone, as I mentioned, I write poetry, and one of the goals in my life is to have it published in a fairly reputable place and to eventually get a chapbook and then perhaps a full book of it published.

Here is this week's offering:


Poetry is a muscle flex--
Actin and myosin connect--
Shorten in length to full effect--
Grow stronger yet, grow stronger yet.

I disregard training my mind.
The fibers atrophy with time.
My clear vision grows slowly blind--
Where light had shined, where light had shined.

Maintain my strength three hours a week.
Exercise my voice, start to speak.
My eyes adjust, seeing that Greek--
Borrow technique, borrow technique.

Like Achilles, I slay Hector,
Once I have regained my vector.
A creator, once dissector,
Now connector, now connector.

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