Friday, August 6, 2010

And so our journey begins...

Hey blogosphere! My name is Phil, and I am launching my first blog starting today, at the request of some of my friends.  I am really excited to start blogging, especially since I am planning to share poetry (horrors!) and some of my daily life with you.  A bit more about me: I am 25 years old and live with my partner, Trevor, in a manor on the East Side of Milwaukee, WI.  I am a graduate student at Marquette University in the Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner program, and hope to be an amazing Pediatric Acute Care NP.  I have many different hobbies, such as music, poetry, cooking, working out, reading, and many more things.  I make an awesome banana bread!  One thing I ask of you on here: please be respectful of me and other members who may make comments on my blog.  I want to foster a community on here where everyone feels welcome to speak their minds and not feel belittled for it.  Thanks for visiting!

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