Monday, August 16, 2010

The shortest summer break ever.

Right now, I am currently on break from school.  I broke the news to Trevor today that I am still going to apply for medical school.  I am really nervous about this decision for the following reasons, and I need to hit up Laurie Goll, who is the Pre-Health Advisor at Marquette to talk about if it really is feasible for me to apply to medical school...I am realizing more and more as I go through this program how much I really want to be a doctor instead of a nurse practitioner, since I will be responsible for supervising NPs and PAs in the medical realm, as well as directing orders to give to nurses.  I don't want to sound like I'm really on a power trip here, but I really want to be a part of the medical community since I like having a lot of responsibility and people who need my guidance and support in their careers. 

Anyway, there are a couple things I need to talk to Laurie about: 1) If my MCAT scores from 2008 will still be feasible for applying for D.O. school in 2011 2) If she will read my first draft of my personal statement when I am finished with it 3) If she, once again, could possibly give me any recommendations on who to shadow as far as a D.O. goes (since my mom's physician won't allow me to do so :-/ ) 4) any other general advice she could give me besides "apply early." 5) and who to ask for recommendations, now that I have a couple of nursing classes under my belt, should I ask any nurses to write for me?

Another thing that is a problem is the "Memorandum of Understanding" I signed regarding the program I am currently in, which says basically that I intend to keep going in the program until I reach my MSN.   What will happen if they find out I applied to medical school without telling them? That worries me.

If you were in a great program, dear readers, but you were not sure if you wanted to complete the program or not, what would you do?

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  1. Speaking as a new NP who has thought about medical school lots of times (mostly when I deal with lack of understanding of the NP role). I would really talk to NPs in the job which you would want to do. There is a lot more autonomy then one would think. You will be well established in the NP role well before you would even start residency. As I left work today, I had the power to tell lots of nurses what to do and how to manage patients. Started medications that I would have only dreamed about starting as a undergrad nurse. Being a nurse is a great training ground for medical school though if thats the route you decide to take. As a NP, I find that I am a lot more hands on than the physicians and really get to spend time at the bedside in the hospital setting and I like that as a NP. A lot of times the physicians are split so many ways. The job market is right for NPs. But I also know you have to follow your heart. Let me know if you ever want to chat.

    Julie Harnden